Product Evaluation: Do the Values Young Children Attach to Packaging Affect their Sensory Evaluation of a Food Product and Impair their Objectivity?

Yvonne Allison
1999, Vol. 4, No. 1,


The overall aim of this research was to find out what values young children attributed to certain food packages and whether these values influenced the children's judgement about the contents. The objectives for this research were to find out:

  • what overall rating nine and ten-year-olds would give to four different brands of plain crisps on a blind tasting
  • what overall rating the same children would give to the same crisps when they were tasted from the packets
  • what values and images the packaging of these crisps conveyed to these children
  • whether values and images attributed by the children to the packaging influenced their sensory evaluation of the crisps by improving the overall rating they gave to the crisps.

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