Design and technology education in Polish schools for children aged 5-9 years

Aniela Nowak
1998, Vol. 3, No. 1,


The teaching of technology as a school subject has a 90-year tradition in Polish schools. The name of the subject has been changed from 'manual work', to 'practicaltechnical exercises' to 'technology'. The idea of teaching the subject (practical skills) was taken from Sweden by Wiadysiaw Przanowski. He worked on the basis of his own curriculum established to meet the needs of those in Polish schools. Przanowski's strategy was:the education of teachers. In 1925 in Warsaw the Institute of Manual Work was established the preparation of a material base in schools (workshops, appliances, materials, tools)the preparation of the curricula for general high schools and teacher education schools highlighting the importance of teaching the subject to teachers, parents and creating a favourable public reaction to it.

From 1916 to 1939 the subject was treated as part of general education and was taught for two hours a week. Lessons were enriched with didactic films and excursions. From 1945 until 1990 the subject was separate and always present in Polish schools.

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