Ancient Egypt - Hands On

Annette Hards
1998, Vol. 3, No. 1,


When the children at Chiddingstone Primary School started learning about the Ancient Egyptians, little did they realise that they would end up helping to design and make an interactive display about the Ancient Egyptians and the Pyramids which would not only be open to the public, but also attract interest from history advisors and British Museum staff! 

A number of factors combined to bring this about. Local architect and parent Annette Hards had attended a course run by The Building Experiences Trust in December 1995, which was designed to provide training and support for volunteer architects and designers to work in schools encouraging teachers to use the built environment as a learning tool. Following a discussion in January 1996 with the headteacher, Margaret Cooke, it was agreed that they would work together on Class 4's (upper juniors) forthcoming history topic about Ancient Egypt.

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