The use of a web site and associated published materials to support the development of a community of practice for primary design and technology teachers

David Barlex
2002, Vol. 7, No. 3,


This paper will describe the development of a design and technology web site specifically for primary teachers. The web site has been developed in the context of the Nuffield Primary Design and Technology Project over a period of time when the government has pursued strategies which promoted literacy and numeracy (at the expense of the more practical and creative elements of the curriculum) and provided resources to enable teachers to become proficient in the use of information communication technology. The paper describes the following:the development of an initial web sitethe use made of this web site (through web site statistics)the development of resources in association with DATA (the Design and Technology Association) to provide innovative curriculum materials for teachers at a time when commercial publishers were not willing to do thisthe revision of this web site to accommodate provision of teacher materials and professional supportthe use made of the revised web site in the first six months of its life i.e. October 200 I-March 2002 (through web site statistics)the use made of the materials and the web site in continuing professional development activities carried out by the Nuffield Primary Design and Technology Project and its impact on practice.

Finally the paper identifies areas for further research.

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