'Times change and we change with them' or do we?: A new paradigm for design and technology

Professor Clare Benson
2002, Vol. 7, No. 3,


With the ink barely dry on the last National Curriculum document for England, the debate as to the appropriateness of the paradigm that exists for design and technology is gaining momentum. Just as educators in all sectors thought that there might be a period of stability and consolidation, frameworks could be rebuilt, planning redrawn and delivery and resources redesigned. Is it appropriate and realistic to suggest that changes occur so quickly? Rather than raise standards, will it encourage educators to side step any changes, or even withdraw altogether from teaching the subject?

A study of design and technology, since its introduction in 1990, indicates that in fact, there has never been a period of stability. Documents have come and gone as the design and technology community struggled to create a paradigm that was thought appropriate

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