Marconi ECT Project: phase 1 evaluation

Andrew Breckon, Dr Peter Branson
2001, Vol. 6, No. 3,


Imagine a world without the use and application of electronics, and then consider a compulsory education system that does not offer courses in more than 18 percent of our secondary schools. This major shortfall in our education systems lies at the heart of much of the work carried out over the past four years related to finding training models for teachers in this very demanding area of work. This paper reflects the work carried out in theacademic year 2000/200 I in piloting a revised training model from the original 'Marconi Days' training programme. The original twoyeartrial programme used a 10-day training model. Sadly, this was considered too expensive, so this evaluation focused on two models, a 2-day course and a 4-day course, with support from a comprehensive web site and advisory support in school on the 2-day model. As the pilot has been established, much work has taken place to cr

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