The planning, delivery and evaluation of a moving pictures project

Sarah Ward
2001, Vol. 6, No. 3,


For this assignment I decided to take a unit of work from the QCA Scheme of Work we have recently adopted at my school. I currently teach a Year I class so decided to do a project called Moving Pictures, which I hadn't taught before.

In this unit the children must practise making a moving pictures using slider and lever mechanisms. The unit would last six sessions of an hour each. I tried to use all the essential activities suggested by QCA to plan a sequence of lessons (as shown below).

Lesson I: Practise making a moving picture using a sliding mechanism.

Lesson 2: Practise making a moving picture using a lever mechanism.

Lesson 3: Design a moving picture for a page in a story.

 Lesson 4: Make the moving picture designed for the story in draft.Lesson 5: Make the moving picture using card (final product).

Lesson 6: Deco

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