Taking ideas on a journey called designing: a model for explaining design drawing to young children

GIll Hope
2001, Vol. 6, No. 3,


In many ways this paper represents the next stage in my understanding of the way in which we use a medium such as drawing to support the mental process which we call 'designing'. At the Millennium Conference in April 2000 I was just beginning to feel confident enough in the way I see things to say so in public. A year on, the model has become crystallised, simplified and has been tried out on real children. I can now say with confidence 'It works for me'. I am now at the point of wanting to explain it to others and ask 'Would this work for you? Would you give it a try and tell me if it does?'

Applying Lakoff and Johnson's ideas in Metaphors We Live By (1980) to the activity of design, I have developed a metaphor to explain the process of using drawing for designing which will make sense to young children. When children begin to realise that drawing can be more than a c

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