Emergency Vehicles

Louise Freeman
2000, Vol. 5, No. 3,


This case study looks at a reception year's first major design and technology project of producing emergency vehicles. This was linked to an on-going topic, setting the context. The project began with a visit from the local fire service, which sparked an initial excitement into the project. The groups were limited to 2/3 pupils in each, due to space restrictions. This paper considers the aims and achievements of this project.

'Design and technology can be defined as the purposeful use of knowledge, skills and physical resources to create products that meet a perceived need or opportunity.' (DATA, 1996)

It is common knowledge in the world of the primary school that young children thrive on 'hands on' practical experiences. Through a meaningful framework, design and technology can develop important, everyday skills, concepts and attitudes. It enables them to 'experiment with, control, and change the relationship they h

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