Jean Allman, Dr Robert Bowen, Bridget A Egan, Melanie Fasciato, Mark Hudson, Jenny Jupe, Jonty Kinsella, Les Porter, Chris Snell, Helen Wilson
1999, Vol. 4, No. 3,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Design and Technology Frames - reviewed by Mark Hudson
  • Discoveries - reviewed by Melanie Fasciato
  • Progressio in Primary Design and Technology - reviewed by Rob Bowen
  • Primary Design and Technology: Introducing Birds and Conservation to the Curriculum - reviewed by Bridget A. Egan
  • Food Tables and Labelling - reviewed by Jonty Kinsella
  • Exploring Materials CD-ROM Education Pack - reviewed by Chris Snell
  • Skills in Resistant Materials Technology - reviewed by Mark Hudson
  • Do3D - reviewed by Les Porter
  • Design and Technology Textiles Foundation Course - reviewed by Helen Wilson
  • Focus on Plastics - reviewed by Chris Snell
  • Understanding Industrial Practices in Textiles Technology - reviewed by Jenny Jupe
  • Dyson Education Box - reviewed by Jenny Jupe
  • Edison 3.0 - reviewed by Jean Allman

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