Recognising Pupils' Attainment when Using leT

Tony Booth, Louise Davies
1999, Vol. 4, No. 3,


This article deals with two important aspects: assessing pupils' work, and how this might raise new issues when ICT is involved, and reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of using ICT to achieve learning objectives. Some new techniques will be required to assess pupils' design portfolios and their made products. Designing on screen happens very quickly and little evidence of changes is seen compared with drawing on paper where several copies are kept to show development work. Pupils are able to access designs by others and manipulate them as their own. Teachers have to encourage pupils to develop ways to record their thinking and collect evidence of it. Pupils are also able to make sophisticated products using CAM - the quality of the product looks like one that you might buy in the shop. It is even more important than ever not to assess merely the outcome, but to assess how well this is supported by design thinking.

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