Gender Aspects Associated with Teaching Design, Make and Appraise in an Early Years Classroom

Geoff Rogers
1998, Vol. 3, No. 3,


A case study was conducted in an early years classroom in which a Design, Make and Appraise (DMA) program of activities was being implemented. Arising from the study were a number of structural and organisational issues. One issue of significance that emerged was that DMA was seen to have the potential to assist teachers to work towards a more gender-neutral and inclusive curriculum. A brief overview of the literature will first be presented and then this paper will explore a number of gender aspects associated with the DMA program observed. Some of these aspects were concerned with an examination of the children's general level of technological awareness and background. The frequency and gender of teacher-child interactions observed as well as the teacher's handling of the safety issue will also be considered. The paper will conclude with mention of some of the gender implications for teachers who may wish to implement DMA activities in their classrooms.

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