Materials and processes within A/AS-level Design and Technology: a study of implementation

Eddie Norman
1997, Vol. 2, No. 3,


Planned progression from the National Curriculum, through GCSE and 16+ pathways and onto higher education is an often stated policy objective. This paper seeks to show that 'loose fit' policy statements are an ineffective approach to achieving such an outcome. It is essential to deal with the subject matter of courses at a detailed level. Recent debate has concerned a new model for A/AS-level design and technology. Issues relating to the implementation of the 1986 model have been highlighted in order to demonstrate the need for the development of consensus on areas of detail if the new model is to be effectively implemented. The detailed area chosen is materials processing and selection at A/AS-level. The implementation of the 1986 common core is discussed in order to highlight the reality that crucial decisions were actually taken during implementation and not during the formulation of broad policy statements.

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