'A suggested framework for curriculum planning KS1 and KS2': a planning tool for Birmingham schools

Stuart Scott, Paul Cook, John Eastwood
1996, Vol. 1, No. 3,


The City of Birmingham has currently two separate yet linked services to support its Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers of design and technology - the Schools Advisory Service (SAS), and the Curriculum Support Service (CSS). It became clear to the three members of the design and technology support team that unless it encouraged all its schools to develop a whole key stage curriculum plan/scheme of work for the delivery of design and technology which reflected all aspects of the National Curriculum Order, and was progressive, this foundation subject would remain difficult to move forward for some schools.

There are many hundreds of very capable and willing colleagues in Birmingham schools, some of whom are frustrated by their own inexperience in planning for the delivery of design and technology as it is defined in the National Curriculum Order. To support these colleagues the SAS and CSS have worked together to produce a long term planning chart ";;;A Suggested Framework for Curriculum Planning KS1 and KS2";;;, two copies of which have been sent to all Birmingham's nursery, infant and junior schools. One is to be displayed for whole staff reference, the other is for the design and technology coordinator to fold or cut for ease of use with colleagues.

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