Young Engineers in primary schools

Pamela Bowen
1996, Vol. 1, No. 3,


There is general agreement that if we can only 'catch 'em young' we will cure all educational problems. Engineering is not a taught curriculum subject and Young Engineers clubs operating at secondary level, have for a number of years successfully achieved awareness and understanding of engineering concepts. Currently there are 750 clubs in the UK and over 12,000 students participating.

The Young Engineers 8-13 project, introduced in 1993 in five SATROs (Science and Technology Regional Organisations) and funded for two years by The Institution of Electrical Engineers, has been highly successful in linking pupils, teachers and engineers. The outcomes of the project are exciting and provide a model for future primary school involvement. The article below describes some of the work undertaken and the process of school industry links. The project aim was to encourage primary school teachers to identify elements of the curriculum which could be enhanced and extended by working alongside an engineer.