Book Reviews

Paul Taylor, A V Mathews, Brian Fletcher, George Asquith, Rowland Dye, Jonty Crockett, David Foster, Bob Booth, B A Tait, Geoff Crabbe, Tim Fulford, Allan Trueman, J B Mellor, Norman Casson, Ian Wilford, Rosemary Price
1992, Vol. 24, No. 2,


The following publications have been reviewed by the authors;

TSB Banking On Education - reviewed by Paul Taylor

Design and Technology - reviewed by A V Mathews

Learn Lettering and Calligraphy Step-by-Step - reviewed by Brian FletcherCeltic Designs & Motifs -  reviewed by George AsquithThe Design & Technology File (Series 2, Issue 1) - reviewed by Dr Rowland DyeHoming in on Technology - reviewed by Jonty CrockettVehicles: Moving Structures - reviewed by David FosterProduct Design; Human Factor; Product Modelling; Design in Society - reviewed by Bob BoothGeometrix -161 Patterns for Artists & Designers - reviewed by B A TaitGraphic Sayings - reviewed by Geoff CrabbeDesign & Technology - The Six Counties Project - reviewed by Tim FulfordCreative Technology: Images, Movement, Futures - reviewed by Allan TruemanThe Resourcesand Projects Book - KS.3Technology - reviewed by J B MellorSolar Electricity; Water Power; Wind Power - reviewed by Norman CassonTechnology Investigations - reviewed by Ian WilfordFashions Of A Decade: The 1950's - reviewed by Rosemary Price

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