John Lancaster, David Jones, David Barlex, Paul Evans, John Eggleston, P. Bottrill, Boh Carter
1990, Vol. 22, No. 3,


The following publications have been reviewed by;

David Kindersley and His Workshop - John Lancaster

'Change in Practice' - Design and Primary Education - David JonesCraft Design and Technology: A complete course for GCSE -  David BarlexElectronics Projects made Easy - David BarlexThe Complete Potter - Raku  The Complete Potter - Hand Built Ceramics   -  Paul EvansPuzzlegrams  -  John EgglestonAn Introduction to Craft Design  and Technology - John EgglestonKites to make and fly - John EgglestonDATER 88 -  P. BottrillTechnology: An Annotated  Bibliography -  P. BottrillStarting Design and Technology:      Bob CarterComputer ControlElectronicsEnergy and ControlStructures

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