Book Reviews

John Eggleston, Steve Sayer, Brian Allison, David Jones, Moira G Simpson, John Lancaster, E. Wishart
1990, Vol. 22, No. 1,


Essential Woodworker - Skills, Tools & Materials - reviewed by John EgglestonPower Tool Woodworking - reviewed by John EgglestonAir Brushing Automobiles - Tips, Techniques and Projects - reviewed by Steve SayerChair Seating - Techniques in Cane, Rush, Willow and Cords - reviewed by Steve SayerAuthentic Craftsmanship in Interior Design - reviewed  by John EgglestonA tool for Learning - Some functions of art in the primary school - reviewed  by Brian Allison";SKILLS"; - Video series for CDT - reviewed  by David JonesStarting Embroidery - reviewed  by Moira G SimpsonSantos Statures and Sculptures - reviewed  by Brian AllisonCompendium of Lettering Workbooks - reviewed  by John LancasterDrawn Thread Embroidery Starting Needlepoint Lace - reviewed  by E. WishartBinche Lace - reviewed  by E. Wishart

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