Book Reviews

Bill Nicholl, Ian Grimmer, Robert Wearing, Paul Taggart, George Asquith, Christine Thistleton, Rhona Humphries, John Roslington, Allan Trueman, John Hill, Gay Staok, Nigel Aston, Trevor Taylor, Geoff Smith
1992, Vol. 24, No. 3,


Graphics - Bill Nicholl

Graphic Techniques - Ian Grimmer

The Resourceful Woodworker, Tools,Techniquesand Tricks of the Trade -Robert Wearing

Art Workshop with PaulTaggart : Watercolour Painting - Paul Taggart

Working at Speed - Reviewed by George Asquith

The World of Economic Awareness - Reviewed by Christine Thistleton

The World of Work - Reviewed by Christine Thistleton

Let's Celebrate - Reviewed by Rhona Humphries

IT Handbook for Teachers Key Stages 3 & 4 - Reviewed by John Roslington

Enterprising Technology - Reviewed by Allan Trueman

Technology and Plasics : A TopicApproach - Reviewed by John Hill

Personal Effectivenessfor Teachers - Reviewed by Gay Staok

Spreadsheets & Databases - Reviewed by Nigel Aston

GCSE Technology Structure with Materials - Reviewed by Trevor Taylor

Colour & Meaning: Practiceand Theory in Renaissance Painting - Reviewed by Geoff Smith


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