Vol 14, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Models of Change: 'The impact of 'designerly thinking' on people's lives and the environment... Ken Baynes PDF
Dr Eddie Norman


Between Rocks and Hard Places PDF
Prof Richard Kimbell


Design and Craft Education in Iceland, Pedagogical Background and Development: A literature review PDF
Brynjar Ólafsson, Gisli Thorsteinsson
Preferential Learning Styles as an Influencing Factor in Design Pedagogy PDF
Keelin Leahy, William Gaughran, Niall Seery
Analysing Cases in Technology and Design Education: How could designing and making technological products be a vehicle for enhancing understanding of natural science principles? PDF
Dr Pål J. Kirkeby Hansen, Professor
Gathering Empirical Evidence Concerning Links Between Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Creativity PDF
Aede Hatib Musta'amal, Dr Eddie Norman, Tony Hodgson


Researching Technology Education Methods and Techniques PDF
Howard Middleton (Ed.)
The Cultural Transmission of Artefacts, Skills and Knowledge: Eleven studies in technology education in France PDF
Jacques Ginestié (Ed.)