Vol 13, No 3 (2008)

Table of Contents


Our heritage and opportunity PDF
Dr Eddie Norman


Roundabouts, memorials, and the intangibility of processes PDF
Richard Kimbell


Formative assessment in the learning and teaching of design and technology PDF
Prof Paul Black
Challenges facing teachers in the teaching of design and technology education in Botswana’s primary schools PDF
Dr Richie Moalosi, Dr Olefile Bethuel Molwane
Sustainable design and website use amongst AS/A2 Level design and technology student projects PDF
Peter Simmons
Designing matters; designing minds: The importance of nurturing the designerly in young people PDF
Prof Kay Stables


Researching Design Learning: Issues and findings from two decades of research and development. PDF
Dr David Spendlove
Analysing Best Practices in Technology Education PDF
Dr E Stephanie Atkinson
A Practical Guide to Teaching Design and Technology in the Secondary School PDF
Andy Mitchell