Vol 13, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Losing the plot PDF
Eddie Norman


When it is and when it isn't PDF
Richard Kimbell


Design and technology education and the concept of property PDF
Olefile Bethuel Molwane, Chinandu Mwendapole
Developing an understanding of the pedagogy of using a Virtual Reality Learning Environment (VRLE) to support Innovation Education (IE) in Iceland : a literature survey PDF
Gisli Thorsteinsson, Howard Denton
Managing uncertainty and promoting ownership over learning in D&T students using an interactive learning environment PDF
Ester Ehiyazaryan
The role of values in design decision-making PDF
Rhoda Trimingham


Review : Design and technology for the next generation PDF
Paul Anderson, David Taylor
Review : Educational design research PDF
Aede Hatib Musta'amal