Design and technology education and the concept of property

Olefile Bethuel Molwane, Chinandu Mwendapole
2008, Vol. 13, No. 2,


Knobler (1971) notes that within society at least three
communities are affected by intellectual property rights and
these include; the stakeholders who produce and distribute
the new knowledge such as Microsoft or Disney, individual
generators of new knowledge such as designers and
inventors, and the public that seeks access to the created
knowledge. This paper considers the inter-relationships
between design knowledge and the concept of property. It
also addresses the challenges and the implications of this
inter-relationships. The paper is divided into six parts.
1. The Introduction
2. Defining the Concept of Property
3. Design and Technology Education in Botswana
4. The Inter-relation between Design Knowledge and
The Concept of Property
5. Challenges and Implications for Design and
Technology Education
6. Conclusion
The paper is informed by documentary findings and case
study to illustrate the debate.


Design & technology ; Design knowledge ; Property ; Rights

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