Approaches to assessment of technology education in Taiwan

Lee Lung-Sheng, Lin Kuen-Yi
2007, Vol. 12, No. 2,


Located in the Pacific Ocean about 160 kilometers
across the Taiwan Straits from Mainland China, Taiwan
is an island country where Confucian-heritage culture
remains. In the past few decades, technology has
driven the massive development of the economy in
Taiwan, therefore the technology education in
Taiwan’s schools aims to help all students towards a
lifetime of technological engagement. The trends of
technology education reform all over the world
indicate that more and more concerns have been
focused increasingly on student assessment (Custer,
Valesey, & Burke, 2001). Leung (2000), for example,
stated that assessment incorporates emerging ideas in
the understanding of learning. That is, if technology
teachers make good use of assessment, they can
help students in learning technological literacy. This
paper backgrounds the national technology education
curriculum and explains the approaches to assessing
students’ technology learning in Taiwan.


Assessment ; Technology ; Taiwan ; Education ; Curriculum

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