The impact of knowledge creation and technology education on new product development

Haris Papoutsakis
2006, Vol. 11, No. 3,


The aim of this article is to investigate and bring
to light the constructive impact of Knowledge
Creation and Technology Education on the
process of New Product Development. This is
done under the competence-based perspective
of the organization, where knowledge is the
point of departure and the individual – in this
case the industrial employee – is the relevant
unit of analysis ten research enablers were
exploited in order to evaluate how New Product
Development is influenced by knowledge (tacit
and explicit), Knowledge Creation (socialization,
externalization, combination and internalization)
and Technology Education (competence, skills,
commitment and fit). Surveys collected from
486 employees, of 51 industrial companies in
Spain, were analyzed in order to test the
hypothesis. The results of this study allow us to
draw conclusions on the significance of the
impact that knowledge, Knowledge Creation
and Technology Education have, each one on its
own and all three combined, on New Product


Competence-based perspective ; Knowledge creation ; New product development ; Technology education ; Industry

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