An application of web-supported mental tools in technology education

Miika Lehtonen, Tom Page, Gisli Thorsteinsson
2006, Vol. 11, No. 3,


This article presents the pedagogical model
“Network Oriented Study with Simulations”
(NOSS) using simulation software and the ICTbased
tool “Web Orientation Agent” (WOA)
(Page et al., 2006) and supporting findings. The
NOSS model was developed and implemented
in CSCL (computer supported collaborative
learning) type learning situations around
computers in technology education utilising
novel technologies such as case web-supported
simulations and to evaluate the effectiveness of
those in teaching, studying and learning
settings. The preliminary findings appear to
support the effectiveness of this pedagogical
model with some limitations which are
subsequently discussed.


Technology education ; Pedagogical models ; Mental tools

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