Innovative performance and virtual portfolios - a tale of two projects

Richard Kimbell
2006, Vol. 11, No. 1,


It has become increasingly evident over the last
few years that a number of pressures have
combined to reduce learners’ innovative
performance at GCSE in design and
technology. ‘Playing safe’ with tightly teachermanaged
projects has been seen to be a
formula for schools guaranteed A-C pass rates.
The first research project described here
outlines an approach developed in TERU at
Goldsmiths College to shift the balance of
assessment in favour of learners who can
demonstrate innovative, risk-taking
performance. At the successful conclusion of
this first project, we were invited to explore the
extent to which the approach we had
developed could be made to work with digital
tools and result in virtual portfolios. This
second project ‘e-scape’ is now in a second
phase of development and will result in school
trials in June and July 2006. It has profound
messages for the future not only of design and
technology, but also of performance
assessment more generally.


Assessment ; Innovation ; Risk-taking ; Virtual portfolios ; e-scape

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