Digital design - the potential of Computer Aided Designing in design learning environments

Tony Hodgson
2006, Vol. 11, No. 1,


Many, if not most, schools in England and
Wales now include the use of 3-dimensional
CAD modelling skills in their design and
technology curriculum. The impact of the CAD
in Schools programme has been significant, at
least in terms of the large numbers of trained
teachers and the improved quality of student
output in the form of visual images and
product realisation. There remains, however,
the question of its impact on the
quality of design, not just in terms of ‘design
output’ but also in terms of ‘design
development’ and ‘design quality’. This keynote
presentation is concerned with the need to
develop a student’s ability to design and the
use of computer-based tools to effectively
enhance that development. In this context it
considers the potential of CAD activities as a
part of design and technology work; the
development of appropriate CAD modelling
capability and implications for the nature of
design and technology curricula.


CAD ; Modelling ; Curriculum ; Pedagogy ; Design

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