Pupils’ views towards design and technology in Singapore

Yau Che-Ming, Ong Cheng-Cheng
2005, Vol. 10, No. 3,


Design and Technology (D&T) is a relatively
new subject in Singapore secondary schools.
The subject is not yet well-received and the
reasons have not been investigated
systematically. Therefore, to understand pupils’
views of D&T analytically, a survey was
conducted in November 2002. A total of 982
responses to a two-page questionnaire from
cohorts of secondary 1 to 3 pupils from 16
different schools were collected and analysed.
In the questionnaire, pupils were asked to rate
20 statements relating to D&T delivery in
secondary schools against a Likert scale. In
addition, there were four short questions to
allow pupils to express their views and
perceptions of D&T in their own words. Pupils’
views were collected, categorised and
compared with their academic levels, academic
ability streams, and genders as well as schools.
Overall, the responses consistently indicated a
positive attitude towards D&T. This paper
highlights some of the preliminary research
findings of pupils’ perceptions in D&T.


Attitudes ; Survey ; Design and technology ; D&T ; Singapore

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