The types of drawings that young children produce in response to design tasks

Gill Hope
2005, Vol. 10, No. 1,


This article comes from the author’s research
into young children’s use of drawing to support
their design thinking. Part of that process was to
sort and classify several hundred design
drawings produced by children aged five to nine
years over a three year period. The issues
underlying asking children of this age to commit
their design ideas to paper are discussed before
the classification system is described. It must be
stressed there is no sense of ‘levels’ or ‘age
norms’ attached to these. They are simply a
classification system. However, they do divide
into two main groups, which are classed as
‘static’ and ‘travelling’ depending on whether the
child perceived the usefulness of drawing as
clarifying the task criteria or moving design
ideas forward, which relate to the authors
understanding of design drawings as both
containers for ideas and conceptual journeys.


Design drawing ; Primary design and technology ; Understanding purpose ; Design journeys

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