Analysing Cases in Technology and Design Education: How could designing and making technological products be a vehicle for enhancing understanding of natural science principles?

Dr Pål J. Kirkeby Hansen, Professor
2009, Vol. 14, No. 2,


Knowledge Promotion is the recent curriculum for the
Norwegian 10-year compulsory school. Technology and
Design (ToD) is a new main subject area in Natural
Science. ToD should be taught across the curriculum
between Natural Science, Art and Crafts, and
Mathematics. The main goal is that pupils should be able
to plan, develop and make useful products. The
interaction between natural science and technology is a
key part of this main subject area. Natural science
principles constitute the basis for understanding
technological activities. The present analyses of ToD
education is based on case studies in three schools. The
main outcome is that the actual ToD-project seems
successful in developing pupils’ skills in designing and
making products, and has great potential to be a vehicle
for enhancing understanding of adequate natural science
principles. If carefully planned, this conclusion might be
generalized to other ToD-projects.


Technology, design, natural science principles, project work, learning

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