Adapting a Curriculum Unit to Facilitate Interaction Between Technology, Mathematics and Science in the Elementary Classroom: Identifying Relevant Criteria

Dr Azza Sharkawy, Dr David Barlex, Dr Malcolm Welch, Joan McDuff, Nancy Craig
2009, Vol. 14, No. 1,


Calls for the integration of subjects continue to emanate from a wide range of professional bodies, including governments and subject associations. Yet as some authors suggest, blurring the boundaries between subjects may be one of the most daunting tasks educators face.

The authors have recently begun a research study that will
investigate the extent to which (a) relevant mathematics and science can be made explicit in a technology curriculum unit, (b) pupils utilise this mathematics and science learning, and (c) pupils' ability to design is enhanced by making the mathematics and science explicit
and useful. This paper reports the results of Phase 1 of the study: an examination of research literature in order to identify criteria to inform the re-writing of an existing technology curriculum (to be used as a research instrument) that previously did not make explicit
embedded mathematics and science concepts.

Our reading of the literature has identified two essential criteria that must be met during the re-writing: (a) protecting the integrity of the subjects and (b) identifying the nature and purpose of the intended learning.


interaction, elementary education, technology, mathematics, science, designing

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