Designing the Néopass@ction Platform Based on Modeling of Beginning Teachers' Activity

Serge Leblanc
2014, Vol. 19, No. 2,


In the context of French teacher training — which does not
sufficiently consider the professional problems faced by
students when they enter the working world — we
developed the Néopass@ction platform in view of
proposing a reference base describing the real work of
teachers. The platform is designed to serve at the national
level as a resource either for web-based training, which
the learner does alone, or for instructor-led training
conducted in a classroom setting. The first section of this
article begins with a description of the main difficulties
identified in teacher education in France. It then gives a
brief history of videotraining at the international level,
followed by a presentation of how video-based training
has evolved through the incorporation of the results of
activity analysis. The second section describes the design
of the Néopass@ction platform following several phases
of coordination between research and training, based on
theoretical assumptions about possible aids for achieving
greater professionalism, and three different levels of
activity modeling: real activity on the job, transformations
of professional activity, and training trajectories for
navigating on the platform. The processes that transform
professional activity are precious aids for the "design-inuse"
of the platform, which in turn is transformed in the
light of professional progress made and the effects of its
use on the activity of teachers in training.


beginning teachers, typical activities, professionalization, videotraining, design-in-use, modeling

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