Action Research to Develop and Validate a Scheme of Work to Promote Creativity and Designerly Thinking Through Play

Xenia Danos
2014, Vol. 19, No. 2,


The paper reports on a study of the development and
validation of a Design and Technology Scheme of Work
(SoW) that is facilitated by Engino assembly toys. Three
initial case studies are described; one to assess the
suitability of the Engino products for specific age groups;
and two which took place in primary schools; one to
evaluate the sequence of tasks designed for the actionresearch
case study; and another to investigate if creativity
can be promoted through the Engino products. Two
further action research case studies were then completed
with secondary school students, during which the SoW
was further developed and elaborated to suit the needs of
this age group. The final versions of the SoW were further
validated during a dissemination seminar and professional
development workshops involving primary and secondary
school teachers. Having the importance of play in mind for
enthusiastic and creative learning, the SoW was designed
to fulfil a number of requirements from the Cypriot
National Curriculum, covering 6 of the 9 areas. We discuss
our findings with reference to promoting creativity in the
context of Design and Technology as well as the possible
roles that construction toys can play in this endeavour. The
paper is illustrated with a picture gallery with indicative
examples from student work.


design and technology, scheme of work,, educational, creativity, play, assembly toys, action research

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