Designing and Developing Mobile Based Instruction: A designer’s perspective

Raymond S Pastore, Florence Martin
2013, Vol. 18, No. 3,


Mobile devices are increasingly being used in classrooms
and corporations as a means to deliver instructional
content. Currently, there is limited research on how to best
design and develop mobile based instruction. As a result,
the purpose of this research study was to examine
students’ perceptions of designing and developing mobilebased
instruction by a) interviewing instructional design
graduate students in a computer based instruction course
who were given the opportunity to construct mobile-based
instruction and b) surveying instructional design graduate
students to uncover their perceptions of mobile instruction
design, usability, and delivery. Results of the survey and
qualitative data analysis indicated that usability was a key
issue on the mobile device. Users enjoyed quick access,
good organization, user control, single column layouts, and
large links/buttons. These findings contribute to the
literature base on the design and development of mobile
based instruction.


Mobile, Mobile Based Instruction, Designing and Developing Mobile Based Instruction, Mobile Guidelines, Mobile Learning, M-Learning

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