21st Century…19th Century…6th Century BC Skills

Richard Kimbell
2013, Vol. 18, No. 3,


During July I spent some time in Ireland; in the beautiful,
south-west corner that is Kerry. Whilst there, I was reading
a bit of the local history and came across some quite
mind-boggling technology. In a gently shelving sandy cove
by Waterville lies the remains of an astonishing leap of
faith by a group of Victorian entrepreneurs. Sticking out of
the cliff is the tattered end of a telegraph cable that ran
across 2000 miles of ocean to Newfoundland and
thereafter overland to New York. The south-west tip of
Kerry (Valentia island) was chosen (in the 1850s) as the
take-off point and ‘Hearts Content’ bay in Newfoundland
the receiving point. But in between lay 2000 miles of wild
ocean that is variously 2-3 miles deep.


Design & technology ; Education ; Research ; Curriculum

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