Curriculum Planning for the Development of Graphicacy

Xenia Danos
2013, Vol. 18, No. 2,


The paper describes the importance of graphicacy as a key
communication tool in our everyday lives. The need to
better understand the development of graphicacy and its
use in the school curriculum is emphasised. The need for
a new research tool is explained and the development of
a new taxonomy of graphicacy is described. The use of
this tool within a methodology researching the significance
of graphicacy in the curriculum is introduced. An overview
of prior research concerning how children deal with
graphicacy is also provided. The paper then discusses the
results reported in the context of this prior research. The
paper illustrates how graphicacy can affect children’s
learning; identifies cross-curricular links involving different
areas of graphicacy and consequential transfer
opportunities; illustrates how the implementation of a
curriculum policy for graphicacy could influence students’
learning; demonstrates the magnitude of the research
opportunities in relation to graphicacy within general
education curricula and suggests the need for
collaboration in order to effectively pursue these
substantial research agendas.


graphicacy, curriculum, policy, strategy, development

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