Positioning Technology Education in the Curriculum

Hugh Johnson
2013, Vol. 18, No. 1,


This book represents a timely contribution to the debate about the value and cultural significance of technology education worldwide and its position in the school curriculum. The articles are taken from the Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Technology (PATT) Conference 2009 where participants were asked to reflect on the way Technology Education should be positioned in the school curriculum. Marc de Vries successfully pulls together a range of interesting perspectives on the positioning of technology education in the school curriculum including:

I. Developmental Aspects.
II. Defining Technology Education.
III. Technology, Engineering and Science Education.
IV. Formal and Informal Technology Education.
V. Contributing to Responsible Citizenship: Ethics and Sustainability.
VI. Teaching Technology as a Contribution to Literacy.
VII. Progression in the Curriculum.
VIII. Positioning Technology Education in Developing Countries’ School Curriculum.
IX. The Future of Technology Education in the School Curriculum.

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