Collaboration within Student Design Teams Participating in Architectural Design Competitions

Livanur Erbil, Fehmi Dogan
2012, Vol. 17, No. 3,


This paper investigates design collaboration with reference
to convergent and divergent idea generation processes in
architectural design teams entering a design competition.
Study of design teams offer a unique opportunity to
investigate how creativity is fostered through collaborative
work. While views of creativity often relate creativity to
individual originality, collaboration requires different
designers to work together towards one common design
idea and consider as many different ideas as possible. In
collaborative design, it would be easier to offer a variety of
ideas but equally difficult to establish a consensus on a
single idea. To investigate the role of convergent and
divergent thinking in the design process, we interviewed
three groups of architecture students who participated in
competitions as a team. Interviews were analysed
thematically to investigate how the teams overcame
spatial, temporal, conceptual, and technological barriers.
We conclude that the barriers and roles of members in
design collaboration interact with convergent and
divergent concept generation.


collaboration, architecture, design practice

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