Challenges facing teachers in the teaching of design and technology education in Botswana’s primary schools

Dr Richie Moalosi, Dr Olefile Bethuel Molwane
2008, Vol. 13, No. 3,


In this paper the background to the introduction of design
and technology in Botswana’s schools is examined. The
introduction was flawed as it left the foundations years
weak, that is design and technology was first introduced at
senior secondary school and subsequently at junior
secondary. In 2006, the subject was introduced at primary
schools level. This approach posed a lot of challenges
especially to primary school teachers in terms of
professional development. design and technology at
primary school level is offered as one of the eight
modules making up the Creative and Performing Arts
(CAPA). Primary school teachers were not involved in the
development of the CAPA curriculum. An action research
case study was conducted in Gaborone primary schools to
establish the extent of the challenges facing the subject
and how they can be addressed. This paper reports on the
findings that were made at the workshop for teachers of
CAPA. The findings indicate that teachers are ill-prepared
to teach CAPA and it is only through extensive in-service
training that such challenges can be addressed.

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