Dimensions of Good University Teaching: Faculty and department chairs’ perspectives

Muhammad Tariq Bhatti
2012, Vol. 17, No. 1,


Good university teaching is considered to be a major
requisite for student learning. However, its representation
in the literature is often related to presage factors such as
personal skills and subject matter knowledge of professors
rather than to activities and processes related to student
learning. It is also studied only from faculty and student
perspectives not from academic leaders such as
department chairs. This study examines good teaching as it
relates to activities and outcomes of student learning and
captures the perspectives of faculty and department chairs.
We obtained interview data from 42 faculty members and
nine department chairs from six universities in Pakistan.
Results show that faculty characterized good teaching in
relation to processes and outcomes of student learning.
Department chairs’ description focused on general concern
for students. An integrated framework that is related to
student learning and that represents both faculty and
chairs’ perspectives is suggested.


dimensions of good teaching, effective teaching, university teaching

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