Your Curriculum

Richard Kimbell
2012, Vol. 17, No. 1,


Since 1990, when the dying embers of Thatcherism finally
instituted a National Curriculum (NC), the curriculum in
your school has been a matter of statute, and flouting it
has (theoretically) been an offence punishable with
imprisonment. In reality I don’t know of a single case
where that happened, and since those early fiercely
centralised years, the national curriculum has become
ever-more loosely conceived and ever-more open to
alteration. This trend continues apace with the current
administration and readers will be aware that the D&T
Association has for some while, been arguing the case
with Ministers and others about the importance of
maintaining design and technology within the framework
of the National Curriculum. In that way we can be
reasonably confident that at least a significant majority of
youngsters will experience D&T in school. If the statutory
framework excludes it, then the fear is that schools – for a
variety of reasons, will reduce their provision of D&T.

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