Teaching of Cultural Concepts in Botswana Junior Secondary Schools Design and Technology Curriculum

Richie Moalosi
2011, Vol. 16, No. 3,


This research explored the extent to which cultural
concepts stipulated in Botswana Design and Technology
curriculum are taught by teachers at junior secondary
schools, a topic on which there is little previous research.
The pinnacle of good product innovation is when it is
grounded on sensitive cultural analysis of the society’s
culture. However, it has been observed that teachers have
not yet been able to encode cultural concepts in teaching
Design and Technology. A qualitative case study was
conducted to assess the extent to which teachers teach
and examine cultural concepts in Design and Technology.
This data was analysed using the qualitative method of
textual content analysis. The findings show that teachers do
not teach this cultural component due to lack of relevant
reference materials and other resources. The study
concludes by proposing strategies that could be used to
teach cultural concepts in the Design and Technology
curriculum at secondary school level.


Botswana, cultural concepts, curriculum, design and technology, junior secondary schools

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