When Technology and Design Education is Inhibited by Mathematics

Ken S Gibson, Irene Bell
2011, Vol. 16, No. 3,


This paper explores the attitude to Mathematics of B.Ed.
(Post-primary) Technology and Design student teachers, in
Northern Ireland, and is located within the context of
‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics). The aim of the research is to consider
whether students’ attitude to Mathematics is different
when the subject content is presented within or outside
their own subject area. Technology and Design provides
both ‘purpose’ and ‘utility’ to the delivery of Mathematics.
Based on the results of an attitudinal questionnaire and
focus group interviews it has been concluded that there
must be corporate responsibility for the teaching and
delivery of Mathematics. Those involved in teaching
Mathematics, whether directly or indirectly through a
different subject area, must not only be knowledgeable in
subject content and its associated pedagogy, but ideally
convey a positive attitude towards Mathematics.


STEM, technology and design, attitudes, mathematics, pedagogy

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