An Effective Introduction to Technology and Design in Norwegian Primary Education

Pal Hansen
2010, Vol. 15, No. 3,


How can young pupils get An effective introduction to technology and design at the primary level in the Norwegian context? This question is highlighted with examples based on case studies at five classes in two
schools doing their first technology and design project at grades 1 or 2 (age 6-8 years). The project was about air rockets. The discussion in this article covers five aspects of introducing technology and design at the primary level: technological literacy, design, motivation, teaching and assessment. The discussion is based on a very small sample. That is not a safe basis for drawing general conclusions about what the best introduction of technology and design education might be. There are of
course many different effective ways of introducing technology and design education. Most of the pupils reached the actual curricular competence aims. The designing process and making process were interwoven and the pupils were eager to take their initial idea directly
to making at the cost of reflective thinking. It seems however, that this simple but spectacular project did develop interest and enthusiasm for designing and making artefacts. The discussion identifies several characteristics of An effective introduction.

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