A Method for User Centering Systematic Product DevelopmentAimed at Industrial Design Students

Denis A. Coelho
2010, Vol. 15, No. 2,


Instead of limiting the introduction and stimulus for newconcept creation to lists of specifications, industrial designstudents seem to prefer to be encouraged by ideas incontext. A new method that specifically tackles humanactivity to foster the creation of user centered concepts ofnew products was developed and is presented in thisarticle. This approach supports to push the limits ofcreativity to get passed existing concepts. This articlestresses important aspects of established literature aboutthe process of developing products, highlighting how therequirements of the specification are encouraged as a firststep in creating new concepts. The theory about activity,developed by Leontiev and Vygotsky, can fundamentallybe used to the benefit of many examples of humanactivity. Systematic design procedures are also used in themethod presented to evaluate and improve the initialconcept drafts and guide their development.


study of human activity, design theory, science of design;industrial design, person-artifact interaction

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